clay dyer
Professional sport fisherman

Clay Dyer

I am Clay Dyer, brought into this world on May 23, 1978, in the welcoming town of Hamilton, Alabama. I’ve built a career as a professional sport bass fisherman.

I came into this world a little different, born without lower limbs, no left arm, and only a partial arm on the right. My life’s guiding phrase is, “If I can, you can.”


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Clay Dyer


Clay is an accomplished angler with a remarkable fishing journey. He began his fishing endeavors at the tender age of 5 and delved into tournament fishing at 15.Despite his physical disabilities, Clay has earned the admiration of his fellow anglers on the pro circuit through his extraordinary competitiveness. With a career spanning since 1995, Clay has participated in over 200 bass tournaments, securing victory in around 20 state bass tournaments.
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The View from Down Here Is Just Fine
Inspirational Story

The view from down here is just fine

“The View From Down Here is Just Fine” is an extraordinary book that tells the incredible story of Clay Dyer, a remarkable individual born without arms and legs who defied the odds to become one of the most accomplished professional bass anglers in history. This captivating and inspirational story, written by Scot Laney, the pioneering opinion columnist in bass fishing, offers a unique blend of humor, enlightenment, and inspiration.

What People Say

Like everyone he meets, Clay Dyer has made an indelible mark on my life. His focus on what he has and not what he lacks is a lesson for all ages. I have witnessed Clay in various settings and enjoy just looking around at the inspiration people get from him. Above all, I will forever cherish the times we have spent together on the water. Clay Dyer is awesome.
Kevin VanDam
4 time Bassmaster Classic Champion
CLAY HAS AN ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE STORY that will inspire young and old. After hearing Clay speak, you will be motivated to live your dreams with passion and inspire those around you to do the same.
Dr. Julie Ness Bell
Author – Performance Intelligence at Work
CLAY DYER IS A BLESSING. Those of us who know him never see his handicap. I don’t believe he has ever seen it. Clay has made a discovery that most of us are yet to make about ourselves. Each of us was created to be a blessing.
Eddie Davidson, Pastor
First Baptist Church - Hamilton, Alabama
CLAY FISHES at the level just below the top pro tours in the field. I am amazed that a kid with his limitations can play at that high of a level…What an inspiration Clay is. He never complains about anything. He just looks forward to each new day and each new challenge with eager anticipation. I know of no man who has gotten more out of his potential than Clay Dyer.
Jay Yelas
Professional Angler

Clay on Video

I have an inspiring journey that has captivated many, leading to a wealth of content about me available on the Internet. I’ve been featured on numerous local and network news and sports programs. Additionally, I frequently share my experiences and insights through motivational speeches, often speaking at churches and various gatherings nationwide. 

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